Who Gets the Family Pet in a Divorce?
Jones Family Law Group, LLC

September 26, 2022

Divorce can be disruptive for all family members, and that includes the pets. Figuring out who will keep the dog, cat and other animals can make for some extra planning and difficult decisions. What does the law say about who gets the pets? In Missouri, the family pet is considered marital property, the same as

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Can You Really Claim Social Security Benefits from Your Ex When You Retire?

You or your ex may qualify for 50% of the other’s Social Security benefits once retired, even if your retirement takes place after the divorce. The guidelines and rules for eligibility are strict!  Here is the breakdown on how it works: Who May Claim Social Security Benefits from an Ex? To be eligible to file a claim: You

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10 Do’s and Don’ts of Dating During a Divorce

Divorce is a lonely prospect. Having someone to lean on for comfort and support can make the process a little more bearable–and remind you that there will be a new life after your divorce. But is it actually a good idea to date while getting divorced?  From a legal standpoint, it’s not ideal. In actuality,

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