Valentine’s Day Advice for Healthier, Happier Relationships – From a Family Law Firm

Family law firms are witness to a lot of marital conflict involving anger, regret, and heartbreak. While every marriage is unique, among unhappy couples we see many of the same unhealthy communication patterns and issues again and again.

A marriage requires care and tending all year round. There are numerous things everyone can do to build a stronger bond with the person they love–and navigate around some of the common pitfalls. Whether you’re trying to strengthen your marriage, build a new relationship, or even just get along better with your ex, we have some advice to take to heart!

Address issues and conflicts in real time (not necessarily in that exact moment but soon). Ignoring or avoiding the issue can lead to one partner with hurt feelings that gets carried into the next issue/conflict.  —Stephanie Jones (Attorney)

Spend time together. Forget quality time vs garbage time. Healthy relationships need both the special times and the mundane times. —Kayte Rossi (Attorney)

Be transparent about finances. Have shared accounts or at least shared access, make a budget together, make an agreement regarding purchases over a certain dollar amount. —Sarah Wittrock (Attorney)

Resentment is a weed that never stops growing in a marriage. It festers, it spreads, and it infects the entire relationship. Learn how to move past it. —Stephanie Jones (Attorney)

Remember, your relationship is NOT a scorecard. —Melissa Day (Paralegal)

You can only clean up your side of the street. If you are responsible for 9% of whatever the issue/conflict is, acknowledge that you still share some responsibility.  —Kayte Rossi (Attorney)

Communicate! Not talking and keeping feelings to yourself is just as toxic as yelling and arguing. —CeCe Lindsay (Office Coordinator)

Go to counseling—together, separately, whatever it takes. There is no shame in asking a professional for help. —Stephanie Jones (Attorney)

Forgive each other—you are both going to make mistakes.  —Kayte Rossi (Attorney)


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