Jones Family Law Group Founder Supports Kids in the Middle

As family law attorneys, we spend our days helping people navigate the stress of divorce and witness firsthand the emotional toll such a difficult transition can take on our clients. If this is a challenging time for adults, it is just as difficult – if not more so – for the children who are also going through the process.

The world as kids know it is changing, and they feel they have no control, and often little understanding, of what this means. All of us at Jones Family Law Group, LLC understands that helping our clients’ children means much more than negotiating optimal custody arrangements or visitation schedules. It’s about supporting them in processing the big feelings that accompany such a major life change.

That’s why we have been a longtime supporter of Kids in the Middle, the organization dedicated to supporting children and parents throughout the divorce process.

We’re proud to announce that Stephanie Jones has recently been elected to the Board of Directors of Kids in the Middle, where she will use her expertise to help further its mission of empowering children, parents, and families during and after divorce through counseling, education, and support.