Modifying Spousal Support (Maintenance)

This week and next, we will review the ability to modify certain provisions in your divorce decree. This week we go over issues relating to spousal support, known as maintenance or alimony. Next week, we’ll look at modifications to child support and custody arrangements.

Life can bring many changed circumstances post-divorce. One party may ask the court for a post-decree modification to alimony if:

  • The changed circumstance is substantial and continuing; and
  • The change makes the terms of the current order unreasonable.

The burden of proof is upon the party requesting the change.  There are several events that could happen after divorce that may meet this criteria:

  1. Reduction in income due to being laid off
  2. Increase in income for the spouse receiving support
  3. Health Issues – a serious health issue may be grounds for a change in alimony. Typically, the health issue would need to limit the amount of money that a spouse could earn through employment
  4. Cohabitation – the spouse receiving alimony is now living with a significant other

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