Legal To-Do’s After Getting Married

After-the-Wedding List for Newly Married Couples

Congratulations! After months of planning and anticipation, you’re now officially married. You can retire the wedding planners, but as you settle into your lives together, there are still a few important i’s to dot and t’s to cross (besides sending out those thank-you cards).

Here are the top post-wedding to-dos that most couples will need to address within the first few weeks and months of marriage, say Rocket Lawyer and FindLaw:

Get Your Marriage Certificate and Copies

Having official proof of your marriage is the key to handling many other actions you may need to take, and requesting a few copies makes the process easier. The signed certificate is filed with the County Clerk, Recorder of Deeds, or Registrar of Vital Statistics for the county where you were married. That office should send you your certificate and copies within a couple of weeks.

Make a Name Change Official

If either or both of you changed your surname when you got married, WeddingWire explains How to Change Your Name After Marriage & Everywhere to Do It. You’ll need copies of your marriage certificate when you update nearly all of the following:

  1. Social Security Administration – start here!
  2. Driver’s License – Missouri
  3. Banks – to open new, combined accounts or update existing ones with your legal name. Be sure to order new debit cards and checks!
  4. Credit cards and loans – same as above
  5. Employer’s Human Resources department
  6. Insurance companies
  7. Car title and registration
  8. Voter registration – you need to be re-registered with your new name and/or address at least 30 days before elections in Missouri.
  9. Lease agreements
  10. U.S. Passport
  11. Immigration documents

Change of Address Notification

If you’re moving, many of the organizations above will need to know. Be sure to file a forwarding order with your post office, too.

Insurance Decisions

If you haven’t already, decide if you and your spouse will combine insurance policies for automobiles, health, and dental plans. Be sure to update beneficiaries of any life insurance policies.

Post-Nuptial Agreement

Just like a prenup, this agreement helps couples define how assets and debts will be shared.

Create or Update Wills and Living Wills

The first says how your assets will be distributed if you die; the second outlines how you’d want to be cared for if you were to be incapacitated.

You may not need to check all these boxes right away, but doing them sooner, rather than later can save headaches down the road!

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