Kids’ Summer Camp: Who Pays After Divorce?

Summer camp conjures memories of fun, friendship, and adventure.  For separated or divorced parents, determining who is responsible for paying for summer camp can be as bewildering as learning to tie knots or building a fire with two sticks.  Take the time to discuss, determine, and agree upon a plan NOW to ensure your co-parenting isn’t the cloud hindering their sun.   

Is Summer Camp a Necessity or Extracurricular?

The first question divorced parents must address is whether summer camp is a necessary expense due to both parents’ work schedules, or if the activities are considered extracurricular entertainment. For younger children, attending camp is likely to be considered a necessity, like daycare.  In that case, the cost of camp should be covered under work-related child care costs in your parenting plan. For older children, however, summer camp may be looked at as an extracurricular activity.  Under those circumstances, co-parents must both agree to divide the expense.

Who Decides?

The concept of a summer schedule differs from the rest of the year to provide each parent an extended duration of quality time (i.e., physical custody). Ideally, your parenting plan should address a summer custody schedule, how expenses are to be divided, and who has the decision-making responsibilities (i.e., legal custody).  Otherwise, both parents will need to fairly and flexibly agree upon a plan that puts your child’s best interest in the forefront (and any distain for your ex on the bench). You Can Succeed at Co-Parenting Without Liking Your Ex.

If a compromise is simply unattainable, your divorce lawyer can help, here’s how:

  • Mediation: an experienced 3rd party to aid in reaching a fair and equal plan without incurring the time and expense via traditional litigation. Your parenting plan may require mediation so check there first.
  • A Court-Ordered Modification: a legal process to obtain a change in your parenting plan whether it be parenting time, child support, or both.

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