How Visitation Credit Can Affect Child Support

Custody can be complex, even after arrangements have been finalized. Whether you are the custodial parent or the non-custodial parent, it’s important to be aware of factors that could affect the negotiated agreement. One is the visitation credit.

In Missouri, the parent who pays child support claim a visitation credit against their monthly child support payment obligation based upon how many overnights he/she spends with the child in a one year period.  This credit can range anywhere from 0% to 50%, depending on the circumstances in your case.  The main reason for the credit is that a parent’s expenses increase the more time that is spent with a child while the paying parent expenses go down. 

These guidelines help standardize the credit based on the number of overnight stays per year:

Number of Overnights Adjustment
Less than 36 0%
36–72 6%
73–91 9%
92–109 10%
110–115 13%
116–119 15%
120–125 17%
126–130 20%
131–136 23%
137–141 25%
142–147 27%
148–152 28%
153–158 29%
159–164 30%
165–170 31%
171–175 32%
176–180 33%
181–183 34%

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