How Do You File for Divorce in Missouri?

Although every divorce is different, anyone seeking a dissolution of marriage must complete the same basic steps during the filing process. A good divorce lawyer will protect your best interests during every step of the proceedings. Here are the three basic steps that need to take place in order to file for divorce in the state of Missouri.

3 Steps for Filing for Divorce in Missouri

1. Complete the Appropriate Forms

Divorce proceedings begin when one spouse completes the divorce petition and financial disclosure documents. Your divorce attorney will help you obtain these forms and ensure they are filled out accurately. Couples who have minor children will also need to complete a parenting plan and an accompanying child support worksheet.

2. File the Forms with the Court

Once you complete all of the paperwork and your attorney reviews it, it is time to file your forms. There will be a small filing fee, which varies from county to county.  In Missouri have electronic filing with the Courts, so your attorney can take care of this filing very easily.

3.  Have your Spouse Served

After filing the forms, you must also serve your spouse with a copy of the forms by official means.  Once you obtain proof of service, that document is filed with the court as well.  Your spouse then has 30 days to file a response to your Petition.

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