Getting Divorced? Don’t Forget These Assets

There are so many charged issues to deal with when going through divorce, not the least of which is the recognition that your life is about to go in a completely different direction than what you had planned. Custody, child and spousal support – all of these matters must be worked out before you can begin your new chapter.

Just as important is the division of marital assets, the financial side of the divorce process that determines how you and your spouse will divide everything from real estate and cars to retirement plans and life insurance policies. And these are just the big ones.

Many times, spouses fail to consider the full extent of the common marital asset picture, focusing solely on the major items that immediately come to mind.

As Jeff Landers writes in this article for Forbes, things like valuable home furnishings and art collections should all be taken into consideration when determining a fair division of assets. Also, you may be entitled to assets like benefits from previous employers, intellectual property, retained earnings, and even pets or cemetery plots.

The bottom line is this: The division of marital assets is a complex process that should be navigated with the advice of an attorney you trust.

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