Divorce During the Pandemic: How Not to Lose Your Mind

As if getting a divorce weren’t stressful enough, the global coronavirus pandemic has added new anxieties to the mix–raising health questions, postponing court hearings, impacting work and income, and limiting contact with family and friends just when you need them the most. Whether you are still living with your spouse or separated, what can you do to cope with the stress and maintain your sanity?

Get Enough Sleep: Insomnia has been an issue for many people lately. Adequate rest helps to regulate moods, improves mental health and brain function, and boosts the immune system, all of which are important when ending a marriage. The Sleep Foundation recommends maintaining a regular routine, avoiding screen-time before bed, getting exercise every day and other useful tips. 

Strive for Civility: Try to reduce the frequency and duration of arguments between you and the person you are still married to–especially if you still live together and/or have children. Avoid sniping, and recognize that fears of COVID-19 have put everyone on edge–heightened emotions could lead to some serious blow-ups if not reined in.

Be Informed About Divorce: Your divorce attorney can be a great resource for answering questions, helping you focus on what’s most important, and keeping you up-to-date on the status of any court filings or hearings that may have been rescheduled. Our experienced attorneys are here for you.

Stay Connected: Regular contact with other people is vital. You may not be able to get together in person due to social distancing and quarantine restrictions, but don’t limit contact to email and text–it helps to see and hear others through video conferences or telephone calls. Doing something to help someone else can also boost the sense of usefulness and well-being.

Stay Active–But Don’t Overdo It: If you’re at home right now with lots of extra time on your hands, it may seem like an ideal time for tackling major projects and to-do lists. But if stress is sapping your energy and motivation and you feel overwhelmed, give yourself a break. Strive for balance instead. Be sure to get some exercise every day, such as a walk around your neighborhood when it is not crowded. 

Accentuate the Positive: It is easy to dwell on divorce, the virus and scary world events, but be sure to balance those conversations with lighter topics, too. Find reasons to smile and feel inspired, whether it’s in your own neighborhood or something you saw on John Krasinski’s regular video series SGN: Some Good News.

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