Divorce and Social Security Benefits in Missouri

Divorced individuals filing for Social Security benefits are often unaware that they may qualify for benefits based on marriage to an ex-spouse, even after divorce.

Because the strict guidelines and rules for eligibility may be overlooked by divorce attorneys, divorced individuals need to understand what benefits they are eligible for when they file for Social Security.

If you want to obtain information regarding your benefits, it is now available on the Social Security Administration’s website. The SSA no longer mails annual statements unless you are a worker age 60 or older. Once you have registered for an account, you may verify your earnings and see your estimated benefits based on when you would retire.

To find out more about how divorced individuals may qualify for Social Security benefits from an ex-spouse, I suggest that clients read this article, “Divorce and Social Security,” which provides helpful guidance and lays out many details surrounding this complicated matter and can be a good guidepost for determining what you may be eligible for and how to qualify for these benefits.

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