Assemble the Documents: 10 Essential Items to Show Your Divorce Lawyer

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Being prepared when meeting with a divorce attorney can save you time and money.  Furthermore, it can particularly provide the headway needed to help your proceedings progress more smoothly.  How?  In order to divide marital property and accounts, they must first be disclosed (and statements can’t lie). 

10 Essential Documents: Checklist

  1. ___ Your past three years of tax returns (personal and business, if applicable).
  2. ___ Proof of your current income, such as pay statements, contracts, invoices, and receipts for the past year.
  3. ___ Proof of your spouse’s current income.
  4. ___ Bank statements covering the past three months AND an end of year statement for the prior year.
  5. ___ Credit card statements (same duration as #4).
  6. ___ Your most recent retirement and/or pension statement(s).
  7. ___ Your most recent mortgage statement and a copy of the Deed (or an alternative document that provides the legal description of the home).
  8. ___ Statements pertaining to other investments, such as CDs, stocks, stock options, trusts, etc.
  9. ___ Loan documents, such as for an auto (with VIN#), second mortgage, student loans, personal loan and/or business.
  10. ___ Statements for other expenses: tuition for your child’s school, daycare, camp or lessons, utility bills, insurance, any unpaid medical bills, etc.

As long as the documents show the name, account number, and a date–both printed and digital files are acceptable. The effort you spend now will be well worth your while.

Next Steps and What If’s

Statements themselves will not be filed with your case. Rather, will be summarized in what the court calls a Statement of Property and Statement of Income/Expenses

If a spouse is unwilling to proactively participate in this process, your case will likely proceed in a court ordered document exchange and/or additional discovery.

It is common to feel overwhelmed by this process.  With a combined 30 years in family law, the attorneys at Jones Family Law Group, LLC, will provide the legal guidance you need. Be sure to follow us on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Share our articles with others (links below)! Contact Jones Family Law Group, LLC today for any questions or to set up a consultation.