9 Questions to Keep Your Divorce Lawyer Honest


In her article “9 Questions to Keep Your Divorce Lawyer Honest,” attorney, mediator and author Diane Mercer advocates asking specific and tough questions of your divorce attorney. Her advice is helpful to anyone going through divorce.

However, these are wonderful questions to ask before you hire an attorney.

Choosing an attorney is one of the most important first steps in the divorce process and can have enormous consequences for the outcome of your situation. You want someone with your best interest at heart but who is not afraid to give it to you straight.

Beware the attorney that says that there is no worst-case scenario, that your case has a slam-dunk argument or that he or she is 100% certain your argument will prevail. This type of attorney just wants your money. Any competent attorney knows that the outcome of a divorce is never guaranteed or certain and should be more than willing to give you honest answers to these questions.

As a client, having your expectations set prior to litigation is essential to help you manage your emotions and expectations during the process. By asking tough questions up front, you can make sure that you find someone you can trust.

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