7 Techniques for Recovering from Grief After Divorce

For many people grieving the end of their marriage, intense feelings of abandonment, loneliness, betrayal and loss can persist for months, even years. Holidays and anniversaries often cause sorrow to resurface–it may feel as if there’s no end in sight to grief. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Being patient with yourself and imagining future happiness can help build resilience and eventually put grief behind you, writes Susan Pease Gadoua, L.C.S.W. in Psychology Today. Her article 7  Tools to Help You Get Through Your Divorce Grief offers practical advice for those who find themselves coping with difficult emotions long after a divorce.

It’s not necessary to employ all of these tools, Gadoua says; using at least three, however, can help people turn the corner.

  1. Write in a journal to help you honestly express your emotions and reactions.
  2. Read books that address what you’re feeling to find validation for your emotions, as well as fresh insights and new ways of looking at your experience.
  3. Join a support group or take a class or workshop focused on recovering from divorce.
  4. Reach out to multiple friends and family members to develop a stronger support network.
  5. Give it time–don’t try to rush the process or pretend you’re “over it” if you aren’t.
  6. Imagine how good it would feel to leave negative emotions behind: a genuine desire to feel better is essential to moving forward.
  7. Talk to a therapist or other mental health professional to help you process your thoughts and feelings.

The good news is, many people go on to lead happy lives after divorce–in fact they’re often far happier than when they were married. Through the process of developing inner strength and resilience to overcome grief, they’re able to face the future with newfound confidence.

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